Technology Security Panel: Protecting Your Self Storage Property

Chuck Gamm

SVP of Operations

Devon Self Storage

Maureen Lee

President & COO

Xercor Insurance Services

Jon Loftin

SVP of Product

OpenTech Alliance

Trespassing. Theft. Vandalism. Common challenges you can’t afford to ignore if you own a self storage facility. Often unattended, poorly protected or monitored by onsite management, these properties are an easy target for quick crime (and lasting damage). Yet despite a recent rise in crime, one operator has found a way to eliminate security incidents at some high-risk properties altogether. Join us to hear how Devon Self Storage has used artificial intelligence and machine learning to deter crime at their facilities — stopping trespassers in their tracks and saving thousands each month on costly insurance claims. Join our panel of industry veterans to learn: 

  • Common challenges operators have experienced securing their self storage properties
  • The potential impact security incidents pose to your property, reputation and profits
  • How Devon Self Storage identified and mitigated significant security threats to reduce burglary claims 67-100% across four Memphis facilities
  • Technology available to help you detect, prevent and deter crime
  • Ways to partner with your vendors to uncover and address operational challenges for your operation

OpenTech Alliance Announces C-Suite Promotions 

OpenTech announces the expansion of its leadership team for four members of its finance, marketing and support departments as the PropTech leader continues its rapid growth to become a worldwide provider of high-quality tech solutions. These promotions reinforce OpenTech’s commitment to leverage its internal talent and help propel its team’s career growth. Read more about each executive’s new role, their impact on OpenTech, and more.

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St. Joseph Self Storage Expands Hours of Operation for Busy Factory Town with Self Storage Call Center

To accommodate their residents and potential clients who work 12-hour shifts, St. Joseph Self Storage implemented the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center Rollover and After Hour solutions. In one year, self storage call center agents took 1,000+ calls and accumulated over 55 hours of talk time, significantly freeing the senior property manager’s schedule to focus on other revenue-driving tasks. Tenants could also pay at any time of day thanks to the automated payment processing solution, which they used to make a payment 542 times in a single year.

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Self-Service Kiosk, Self Storage Call Center Help Mt. Pleasant Storage Thrive with Hybrid Operating Model​

The Mt. Pleasant, Michigan-based operator uses call center services at 5 of its locations, all overseen by one central manager. Thanks to OpenTech’s flexible rollover options, Mt. Pleasant’s facilities manager can focus on other onsite tasks and close sales, while his outsourced team can take payment and service calls. Plus, Mt. Pleasant’s kiosk enabled them to expand business hours and close new rentals for local college students on their schedule.

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Tenant Trends

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