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December 13th, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart-connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, announced the release of the 2019 Self Storage White Paper. This technical paper provides a comprehensive analysis of consumer trends in the self storage industry, delivering data-driven, actionable insights to owners and operators.

“The immense amount of data and insights provided in this white paper by OpenTech Alliance is incredible,” stated John Lindsey, President of Lindsey Self Storage Group. “It is no wonder why they have been so successful after taking the time to pour through information like this to constantly improve their products.”

Top companies consistently use data to drive their businesses – the self storage industry is no exception. Operators utilize behavioral data to determine sites for new-builds, and more and more facilities have begun to invest in revenue management systems that rely on data to optimize operations. With the recent growth of smart-connected devices and systems available to the industry, the challenge no longer lies in collecting data, but analyzing and leveraging those data insights to generate actionable business plans.

Each day, OpenTech connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world.  This results in countless data points that shine a light on how consumers actually use self storage. The 2019 Self Storage White Paper provides objective and transparent data on access control, kiosk, call center, online auctions, SaaS and online rental performance that is exclusive to the INSOMNIAC self-service platform. Analysis of these tenant behavior trends offers unique insights designed to help operators increase revenue, drive operational enhancements and create a stable, scalable platform for future growth.

“One of the things that I have always admired about OpenTech Alliance has been their willingness to share their industry insights based on the unique data sets that they access within their various technology platforms they operate,” stated Jim Chiswell, Managing Partner of Chiswell & Associates, LLC. “Their latest White Paper continues to carry out this commitment to our industry. Whether you have questions about the operation of Kiosks within self storage enterprises, Call Center insights, new Access Control technology innovation or Online Auctions perceptions – you will not be disappointed by investing the time to read, think and digest the countless insights that they share.”

The 2019 Self Storage White Paper is the 9th edition published by OpenTech Alliance to provide the self storage industry with data and insights into tenant behavior and automated self-service transactions. This White Paper was updated with transaction data from an OpenTech portfolio that encompassed over 6,700 self storage facilities that completed over 800,000 transactions in 2018 utilizing the INSOMNIAC platform of products, services, and apps. For the year, store managers moved in over 160,000 tenants and realized over $176 million in new sales revenue.

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