Self Storage Legislation Update Part 3: New Changes to Lien Laws

Self Storage Legislation Update Part 3 | OpenTech Alliance

See new changes to self storage legislation in Texas and Louisiana that impact lien laws. Don’t add the liability of a wrongful lien sale to your storage operation. Read the article today to learn what changes have been passed into law and how they will impact your self storage business in 2021 and beyond.

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Self Storage Legislation Update: Changes to Your Self Storage Lien Laws

How will storage auctions online change with these new storage lien laws in select states? Read more below | OpenTech Alliance

Legislative efforts are currently in motion in 27 states that may impact self storage lien laws. With the risks associated with a wrongful lien sale, it is critical to understand what efforts are in place and how they will impact your self storage business. Read more for upcoming changes that might apply to your state.

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OpenTech Accelerates Kiosk Delivery and Offers 0% Leasing to Help Self Storage Operators Navigate COVID-19

Graphics C19Kiosk120Offers Kiosks Apr2020 Blog

OpenTech Alliance announced it will accelerate delivery for the first 25 orders of its INSOMNIACTM 120 self-service kiosk. The company also unveiled a 0% interest payment plan and trade-in options for its 20 Series line of kiosks to make it easier for operators to respond to government mandates to limit person-to-person contact.

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