Secrets to Auction Success: You CAN Recover More from Your Self Storage Lien Sales

Auction Data on Laptop with Gavel

Get it sold, write off the debt, and move on to more important things. This used to be the only option for self storage lien sales. That is no longer the case with your delinquent units. With the growth of online storage auctions, a wealth of bidder behavior data has revealed proven tactics for greater auction success. You CAN recover more debt from your lien sales if you follow a few simple, data-backed best practices.

Self Storage Legislation Update Part 2: More Changes to Your Self Storage Lien Laws

Legislative Update 2 Self Storage Lien Law

Legislative efforts are currently in motion in more than half the nation’s states that may impact self storage lien laws. Stay up-to-date on critical changes that impact your self storage business to avoid the risks associated with a wrongful lien sale. Read more for upcoming changes that will impact operations in Alabama, Kansas and Virgina.