OpenTech Recruits Top eCommerce Executive to

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in the self storage industry and managing stakeholder of StorageTreasures, announced the recruitment of top eCommerce executive AmandaStorageTreasures New eCommerce Executive Amanda Holt Holt as VP of Product for the online auction platform. Holt, who joined the StorageTreasures team in March 2022, has been a noteworthy leader in the eCommerce space for over 15 years.

She joins OpenTech most recently from an internationally dispersed Amazon agency, where she held the role of Head of Operations, responsible for all functions from product and account management to technical and advertising operations. Her career includes 11 years at and 5 years at eBay, where she held leadership roles that intersected technology, product, business operations and customer success.

Holt’s strong leadership skills, along with her passion for engaging with and serving internal teams and storage partners, have proven a significant asset to StorageTreasures. Holt will provide strategic direction and oversight for the platform and is focused on improvements to deliver the optimum experience for both the storage auction seller and buyer. This will include driving digital innovation, safeguards, best practices and bidder education to ensure the current and future infrastructure, resources and application continue to improve the self storage lien sale process.

In her first 30 days in the role, Holt focused on charting a path for StorageTreasures’ growth. In that short time, she reassessed the velocity and capacity of the team to accelerate the initial product roadmap by 30 percent.

“There are easy improvements that will dramatically improve the seller and buyer experience,” stated Holt. “We have a strong base of loyal customers that place their trust in StorageTreasures year after year. I want to repay their loyalty and deliver the platform they expect from us — the safest and most reliable auction platform to buy or sell self storage lien units. That trust comes from our bidders knowing they aren’t buying a room full of empty boxes and providing robust ways for storage operators to safely liquidate delinquent units.”

Please help us welcome Amanda Holt to the team. If you have product feedback or suggestions for improvement, send your ideas to To learn more about the StorageTreasures online storage auction platform, visit the website here.


Get to Know Amanda Holt
Outside of work, Amanda is deeply dedicated to her family. Married for 20 years, she and her husband share three teenage children and spend time at high school wrestling meets, dance recitals and theater performances. She is a huge music lover and will never turn down a concert.

Amanda is distinctly characterized by her servant leadership, and passionate belief that her team and clients are equally important (“happy employees make happy customers no matter what”). She was initially energized by the potential the StorageTreasures platform presented and has been equally encouraged and impressed by the self storage industry.

“The thing that’s super exciting so far — it really seems like everyone involved is working together. The vendors and the facility owners in this industry are growing together. An industry that was not heavily reliant on technology, that suddenly needed to adapt in a single generation — everyone is doing the best that they can, and they give you the benefit of the doubt at every step. I wouldn’t say that about a lot of industries.” -Amanda Holt, VP of Product

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