Network Storage Capital introduces kiosks to management team to increase operational effectiveness

PHOENIX, Arizona – July 16, 2010 – OpenTech is pleased to announce that SuperStorage and Main Mini Storage, divisions of Network Storage Capital Inc., with headquarters in San Diego, California, has added kiosks to their facilities to help give their managers a competitive advantage. “I’d been thinking about purchasing a kiosk for quite some time,” said John McGrath, President of Network Storage Capital, Inc. After a presentation from another OpenTech customer, McGrath realized how a kiosk could streamline his operations through better accounting, security and improve the overall functionality of his sites.

Superstorage_071610Network Storage Capital Inc. was created in 1988 to oversee partnerships and purchase self storage facilities. The organization currently operates eight facilities with approximately 2,300 units. McGrath purchased kiosks about two months ago for four of his California properties in San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Riverside counties and is already seeing what a difference they can make. “We had a couple of issues where one of my managers was gone and there was no coverage,” said McGrath. “I felt more confident knowing that the kiosk and the call center agents were there to provide coverage – it definitely makes you feel less exposed.”

The management team was a little intimidated when McGrath first announced his plan to implement the kiosks. Managers universally resisted because they thought that the kiosk would eventually run them out of a job. McGrath was clear with his intentions for the kiosks and his management team. “I told them from the beginning – don’t think I’m out to replace you,” said McGrath. “I want to give you the best available tools and technology to do your jobs.”

He then explained it plain and simple – “If I asked you to cut down a tree – would you want an axe or a chainsaw?” Once managers understood McGrath’s intentions they were onboard and actually excited when the kiosk arrived. To further improve the return on his investment, McGrath requires his managers to introduce all new customers to the kiosk and ensure current customers know that it is there and ready to serve them. In fact, McGrath’s managers even receive an incentive for the amount of business that is done on their facility’s kiosk.

McGrath believes that the role of the self storage manager is changing. “In the late 80s it was a classic retired couple and as the industry matured in the 90s, things became more sophisticated, bigger and definitely more competitive requiring an advanced skill set from managers,” said McGrath.

The kiosk and the call center combination allow McGrath’s managers to be more productive and handle multiple sites. “I want to get every tenant,” said McGrath. “My management team backed by the kiosks and the call center – increase those odds exponentially.”

Superstorage_2“My primary reason for purchasing the kiosks was to leverage up my managers’ productivity, not only by streamlining operations, but to cover more facilities/units and capture after hours business. It also allows managers to leave the office to promote the site,” said McGrath.

Initially, Network Storage Capital did realize some implementation barriers as a QuikStor software user since the interfaces between QuikStor and OpenTech were not yet integrated. McGrath and his team are now the beta testers for the interface, paving the way for all other QuikStor customers. “Representatives from OpenTech and Quikstor have been amazing about the amount of resources they have allocated to ensure that any issues I have are addressed quickly and efficiently – I’m very impressed,” said McGrath.

The implementation of the kiosks has allowed McGrath’s customers another way of doing business at his facilities – giving Network Storage Capital a tremendous competitive advantage. With an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, McGrath has found a way to deliver state of the art tools to his management team –helping them become more effective and productive.

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