OpenTech Adds Overlock Solution to INSOMNIAC® CIA Access Control

September 4, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart-connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, announced a new integration between the DaVinci Lock® System and INSOMNIAC® CIA, scheduled for released in Q4. As part of the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything) intelligent platform, the DaVinci Lock integration will allow storage operators to automate tenant notifications during the rental and overlock process without investing hundreds of dollars a door installing a locking solution that will be obsolete in a few years.

The integration with CIA will allow operators to push text notifications of unlock codes to tenants through the CIA keypad or Storage Genie tenant mobile app when they enter the property after all delinquent fees have been paid, or after a new unit is rented. The DaVinci Lock System enables properties to control vacant and delinquent units remotely for $9.99 per lock and no ongoing fee. DaVinci Locks give operators flexibility to use a limited number of locks to control your facility, without the need to implement an expensive locking solution for every unit. This is not only a benefit for unattended facilities but can also increase the operational efficiencies of traditional self storage properties. The added features offered by the integration will reduce customer frustration, extend operating hours and allow managers to concentrate on tasks that impact the bottom line.

“We are excited to partner with OpenTech and their CIA product line,” stated Brad Minsley, DaVinci Lock President. “We are big believers in what they are doing with smart technology and are excited to be part of their platform with the DaVinci Lock.”

Facilities that also utilize the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center integration with CIA can provide additional support to tenants – OpenTech’s Storage Counselors can access unlock codes and assist customers that call in when needed. As operators continue to expand unattended and after-hours access, solutions that automate operational procedures and provide real-time customer support will play an increasingly critical role.

“OpenTech is committed to continuously improving our solutions for property owners and storage customers – an initiative that is fueled by our relationships with other companies that share that vision,” stated Jon Loftin, OpenTech VP and IoE Product Owner. “The integration between the DaVinci Lock and CIA will provide another level of automation for self storage operators – streamlining the overlock process and reducing friction in the customer experience.”

The OpenTech IoE platform is designed with an Open API, or Application Programming Interface, that allows for integration with systems and components from different suppliers so self storage operators can always choose the best solutions for their operations. This openness gives operators the confidence to implement CIA today knowing they will have the freedom to integrate third party locking devices in the future, if they so choose.

This new module is the eighth integration of many to be supported by the OpenTech IoE platform. Other integrations include: INSOMNIAC CIA (Access control); INSOMNIAC SmartEye (Security monitoring); INSOMNIAC SmartDoor (Office analytics); INSOMNIAC SmartGate (Gate analytics); HVAC; Call Center; and an Alexa skill.

The DaVinci Lock integration is available at no additional charge for OpenTech INSOMNIAC CIA customers. A one-time Setup, Training and Customization fee of $29 per facility is required.

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