National Storage Affiliates Upgrades 600+ Facilities to INSOMNIAC® CIA Access Control

National Storage Affiliates Upgrades Access Control with CIAiStorage, SecurCare and Northwest Self Storage to Complete Access Keypad Update in 2023

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in the self storage industry, announced self-managed real estate investment trust National Storage Affiliates (NSA) has chosen INSOMNIAC CIA as the preferred access control solution for their portfolio across all corporate managed brands. New systems are already in place at 240+ iStorage and SecurCare Self Storage properties, with upgrades slated for an additional 350+ properties, including Northwest Self Storage, in 2023.

Derek Bergeon, SVP of Operations at NSA, said:
“On so many levels, OpenTech’s IoE solution is an ideal fit for NSA. The technology is top-notch, and it’s backed by a responsive technical support team and company-wide commitment to customer service that matches our own. And CIA provides the flexibility and scalability needed to support the multi-faceted acquisition strategy central to NSA’s operating model.”

INSOMNIAC CIA Offers NSA Reliability, Support and Tenant Tools

As NSA looks to standardize systems across their self storage portfolio, a switch to OpenTech’s IoE solutions proved the smart play. With built-in references from internal partners who reinforced the advantages they’ve gained from the cloud-based access control system, the decision was simple.

According to NSA, OpenTech’s CIA system not only surpasses the quality of their existing storage keypads, but also offers better reliability, support and tenant-facing tools to sustain their commitment to being a preferred choice among self storage providers.

Bill Hoffman, OpenTech’s Chief Revenue Officer, said:
“National Storage Affiliates has long been a trusted and respected OpenTech partner. We do not take lightly that they’ve chosen to trust CIA to secure and streamline their storage properties. Partners such as NSA hold us accountable to delivering the highest level of product quality and service. We will continue to rely on that partnership to get better and help them solve real, everyday challenges at their facilities. Their success is our biggest indicator of success.”

To learn more about INSOMNIAC CIA or discuss other ways a partnership with OpenTech Alliance could benefit your self storage business, contact its team today.

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