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Do you ever wonder if you’re missing out on actionable data insights that could drive the way you do business? We did. This is why we designed the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything) platform with four primary components: a centralized data structure that can collect data from any device or source; business analytics tools for learning from the data; the ability to monitor and control both proprietary and third-party devices; and a comprehensive notification service based on customizable alerts and triggers. 

Best of all, the OpenTech IoE includes an open API, so any property management software, call center or other application can easily integrate. Learn how to leverage captured tenant data to maximize your revenue and enhance operations. 

The world is more connected today than ever before. Cloud-based services have been around so long that universal accessibility at the tips of your fingers is no longer considered a perk, but a basic expectation. This perpetual connectivity not only serves the needs of consumers, but is a tool companies have long leveraged to their benefit.

We constantly provide feedback on how we use the items we buy – whether we intend to or not. When you ask Alexa for tomorrow’s weather forecast, open an app on your phone or stream a Netflix movie – you’re sending valuable data to merchants that will help inform their business strategies.

Data is an asset in any successful business. The self storage industry is no exception. Operators already utilize this type of behavioral data to determine sites for new-builds, and more and more facilities have begun to invest in revenue management systems that rely on data to optimize operations.

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