Life Storage Awards 150 Facility Access Control Contract to OpenTech Alliance

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in the self storage industry, announced an exciting opportunity to fortify its relationship with Life Storage, Inc. (NYSE: LSI). Life Storage, a leading national owner and operator of self storage properties, selected OpenTech as a solutions provider to upgrade access control technology at 150 facilities across the USA. OpenTech was awarded the contract to install INSOMNIAC® CIA in May 2022 following a competitive proposal process.

“We’re experienced with a number of access control manufacturers,” stated Michael Stratton, Vice President of Program Management for Life Storage. “We chose OpenTech for this project because they’ve proven their customer support is of the highest caliber, their supply of materials is fast and consistent and the integration with the API has been solid and easy. We are most pleased with the tremendous response and resolution times for support issues.”

Life Storage released a Request for Proposals (RFP) in early April to evaluate access control equipment on the market against key requirements for functionality, deliverability and reliability. OpenTech’s CIA system surpassed primary project criteria and offered an ease of installation which will allow the storage operation to focus on upgrading properties with older systems that are no longer supported by their technology vendor first.

Life Storage had previously installed CIA access control at 68 facilities across nine states within their portfolio. Melissa Loper, Senior Project Manager of Gates and Access Control for Life Storage, has been most pleased with CIA’s hardware and the team that supports it: “OpenTech’s tech support stands out above other providers. The team always provides great communication about the progress of projects, it’s always clear what’s needed for new installations or changes to existing systems and equipment is readily available. On top of that, the system is heartier than others on the market, and the equipment is more resistant to power surges and lightning.”

The access control project aligns with Life Storage’s long-term plans to enhance its technology platforms and data capabilities — particularly for the breadth of data available and cloud-based structure of the CIA platform. “OpenTech shows a great deal of sophistication and have been reliable partners,” stated Chris Laczi, Vice President of Marketing for Life Storage. “We have full confidence in them as a tech partner.”

To learn more about INSOMNIAC CIA or discuss other ways a partnership can benefit your self storage business, contact OpenTech Alliance today.

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