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Highline Storage ‘Sets the Market’ With Their Innovative Technology Solutions

June 26th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – Highline Storage is changing the way their storage facilities run their operations through the innovative technology solutions from OpenTech Alliance. Recently Highline Storage implemented the industry’s first hands-free tenant mobile app and cloud-based INSOMNIAC CIA, Centralized Access Control solution. Within 2 weeks Highline Storage had 50% of their customers use the Storage Genie tenant mobile app to access their property, hands-free. “Our customers are very excited to benefit from this new hands free technology at our properties; it’s another offering that sets us apart from our competitors”, stated Alison Evans, Director of Operations for Highline.

New to the industry, Alison connected with industry professionals, bought tons of books and fully immersed herself in how to run a successful self-storage business. It was pretty obvious to Alison that if she could successfully automate her facilities, she could expand her operations much faster. This search to automate brought her to OpenTech’s wide array of self-service products. “We didn’t want to play the numbers game with our competitors, so instead we equipped our locations with innovative technology features to enhance the customer experience and market our facilities as the better option.” stated Alison. “Now at Highline we don’t match the market, we set the market. We’ve completely changed our selling strategy and now charge an admin fee, require insurance for everyone, don’t offer move-in deals and our prices are higher than our competition.”

“Highline Storage is very successful at ‘setting the market’ by offering technology solutions like kiosks, security cameras, hands-free access through our Storage Genie tenant mobile app and having access to critical data and predictive analytics through our CIA Access Control solution.” Stated Robert Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech Alliance. “From virtually anywhere, Alison can manage her properties, setup proactive maintenance triggers and view predictive analytics on her renters’ behaviors.”

“I went to the ISS tradeshow in April to look at software options, and left with Access Control!”, stated Alison. “Access Control wasn’t really on my radar, but when OpenTech showcased their CIA solution I was immediately sold on the cloud-based technology, technical support team, and hands-free secure access through the Storage Genie tenant mobile app. Prior to having CIA implemented I would get random calls, typically on evenings and weekends, that the gate was not working. I would need to visit the property and reset the gate system.” Alison added, “I didn’t realize how terrible my other Access Control system was until I had CIA installed and was able to allow that customer access without driving to the facility, it’s changed the way we do business.”

Highline Storage currently operates 3 self-storage locations in Des Moines, Iowa, of which two are unmanned and one is utilizing an OpenTech kiosk. They have two more facilities in development and opening mid 2019.

INSOMNIAC CIA gives self-storage operators total control of a single or hundreds of properties, and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation, and support. Operators don’t have to worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software is always running the most current version and will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners can also gain insights into their renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

Get in touch with an OpenTech expert here to see how these and other solutions can impact your storage facilities’ customer satisfaction and bottom line!

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