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Self-Storage Operator Replaces Access Control with INSOMNIAC CIA

Fox Trail 1

Self-Storage Operator Replaces Access Control with INSOMNIAC CIA

February 7, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self-storage industry announced Fox Trail Mini Storage, a family owned business in Kinston, NC has upgraded their Access Control to INSOMNIAC CIA after lightning destroyed their PC based access control system.

Fox Trail Mini Storage owner Amy and Chris Rouse had heard the saying, “lightning never strikes in the same place twice,” however, he wanted to make sure he had researched all the Access Control options on the self-storage market before replacing his keypad. “The lightning storm zapped my Falcon XT, right down to the readout on the keypad,” exclaimed Chris.


“When I took over the business in 2016, we had a stand-alone keypad where I would have to physically go out the keypad and input codes manually. When we upgraded, I no longer needed to walk to the keypad, but we did encounter lots of issues of having to reset the system when the computer went down and support was another thing, we had to submit an online ticket and sometimes wait days to be assisted. That was frustrating and not how we do business; we offer exceptional

customer service to our customers at Fox Trail Mini Storage and I wanted the same when it came to our vendors. When I started researching OpenTech’s CIA Access ControI, I realized our May 2018 lightning strike would allow us to make one of the best business decisions for our expanding self-storage business,” Chris commented.

“Since upgrading to CIA we have noticed a change in our business on various fronts; real-time alerts, reports on how many times tenants are accessing our location, giving tenants hands-free access through the Storage Genie mobile app, and knowing I have Lifetime Protection on the hardware and someone to pick up the phone when I need customer support,” added Chris.

“We built INSOMNIAC CIA from the ground up for the self-storage industry to address issues with older PC based systems including technology, warranty, installations, and support to solve frustrations that operators like Chris experience,” stated Robert A. Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance. Robert added, “CIA has been listed to Underwriters Laboratory spec UL294 for Access Control as well as independently tested to withstand surges of 20,000 Volts and 10,000 Amps, so if lightning does strike twice, we have Chris covered!”

To learn more about INSOMNIAC CIA, contact OpenTech Alliance at

The Last Word

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The Last Word

by Robert Chiti

Open Platforms Are Good for Everyone

When self-storage operators first started using technology it was in the form of PC software that was by its very nature isolated and rarely integrated with other systems.  Early integrations included exporting data files other systems could read, including credit card processing software and access control systems. Because the unencrypted data files were automatically created and exported to a shared hard drive the originating software vendor could not control who could use the data, resulting in a true Open Integration.

Today, things are a bit different. Software systems now send data and commands back and forth through what is known as an Application Programming Interface (API).  Here is where the problems start, for security reasons some type of authentication code needs to ensure the system trying to access the API has been authorized and is not a hacker. So this means the use of the API needs to be restricted. In most cases these restrictions are good for the self-storage operator, they make the entire system more secure and protect the self-storage operator’s data, and can also ensure the systems using the API are programmed efficiently so they do not cause performance problems for the users. However, in some cases, vendors put restrictions in place to limit competition or control the operator’s data. These closed end-to-end type systems can have a very negative impact on the success of a self-storage business.

Closed end-to-end platforms get self-storage operators “hooked” and then limit the other solutions that can be integrated with, to only solutions they sell, in some cases forcing the user to implement substandard technology. This approach can be very good for the vendor, but disastrous for the self-storage operator.  These platforms typically end up costing the self-storage operator much more because they have no choice but to use the products offered by the vendor.

A truly open technology platform offers it’s APIs to all other vendors so a self-storage operator has the freedom to choose the specific solution they feel is best for them, instead of having to be held hostage and forced to only buy solutions from one vendor.  A truly open platform sometimes referred to as Internet of Everything (IoE) platform allows all kinds of devices, applications, systems, and people to work together regardless of the vendor.

For example, with a truly open platform, an internal or third-party call center storage counselor can have real-time access to all the transaction data recorded in an access control system and can open a gate for a customer stuck behind the gate after hours without having to give out a temporary code that has to be changed later…. regardless of if the call center vendor competes with the access control vendor in other product areas.

So my Last Word is OPEN.  End-to-end platforms that try to lock out competitors are bad for self-storage operators and bad for the industry as a whole.  Self-storage operators would be wise to make sure they are only investing in technology that is backed by a vendor committed to providing open technology.

*Published in MiniCo Messenger, January 2019

Security 101 Chooses INSOMNIAC CIA as their Preferred Self-Storage Access Control Solution

Security 101 Logo 1

Security 101 Chooses INSOMNIAC CIA as their Preferred Self-Storage Access Control Solution

January 31, 2019 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced Security 101 LLC., has joined their growing list of OpenTech Channel Partners. Security 101 LLC., has supported self-storage operators with their access control and security needs for over 8 years and serves customers in the New Hampshire and Maine area. Clif Johnston, the owner of Security 101 LLC., was introduced to OpenTech when one of his customers inquired about their cloud-based access control solution, INSOMNIAC CIA. “When I investigated the hardware componentry, I was really impressed with the forward-thinking design. Captive screws and a unique hinged faceplate allow for easy installation and service, and the customer experience with the bright OLED display, text me my code, and Storage Genie mobile app are what set CIA apart from other solutions available in the self-storage industry.” Clif commented.


Gary Carland, Channel Development Manager for OpenTech Alliance, emphasized the point, “Every technology we develop is designed entirely to help self-storage operators, and in this case, our dealers work smarter and more efficiently.” Gary added, “Due to the easy installation process, INSOMNIAC CIA saves both the installer and customer time and money.” Clif commented, “The Technical Support staff at OpenTech are incredible, I am not a ticket in the system and a helpful voice is waiting to assist me every time I call!”

INSOMNIAC CIA gives self-storage operators total control of a single or hundreds of properties and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation, and support. Operators don’t have to worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software is always running the most current version and will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners can also gain insights into their renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

To learn more about the OpenTech Alliance Channel Partner opportunities, contact Gary Carland
at or 828.551.1210.

OpenTech Appoints New President and Recruits Domain Experts

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OpenTech Appoints New President and Recruits Domain Experts

January 30th, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ.  OpenTech Alliance, Inc., the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self-storage industry announced Mike Connolly has been appointed as President of OpenTech Alliance. “Over the past 15 years, Mike has played a major role in OpenTech’s success and growth as an investor, board member, and leader. Mike has been my professional and personal mentor for over 35 years, without him, OpenTech would never have gotten off the ground. As our business expands and gets more complex, Mike is the perfect person to keep it running smoothly. At the same time, my job will be to shake things up, growing our business through Internal Innovation, Acquisition, and Partnership. I expect the next 15 years to be even more exciting than the first.” stated Robert Chiti, Chairman and CEO of OpenTech Alliance.

Robert added, “As we planned for Mike’s transition, we also realized it was time to recruit some talented leaders with deep experience in the areas of Engineering, Sales, and Marketing to help us grow the company and continue to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to our customers.”

Kristi Adams-Gubbels will join as the Vice President of Product Marketing. Her 13 years of self-storage experience from assisting with the start-up of to driving marketing strategies for U-Store-It (now CubeSmart) will be instrumental in achieving the company’s overall objectives and goals in the years to come.

Roy Pierson as Vice President of Engineering brings extensive experience in product and solution delivery with a focus on cloud computing, security, big data, and technology transformation and innovation. Roy’s experience includes 15 years at Microsoft and extensive work in the area of global reservation systems as well as leading the effort to create valuable industry standards for data sharing in the Hospitality industry.

Lastly, Bill Hoffman has joined our team as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Bill brings over 20 years of strategic sales, marketing, channel and customer success experience with a focus on team building and hands-on experience implementing “game-changing” CRM strategies. Under Bill’s direction, we have already begun to ramp up our operational tools and implementing new focused marketing and sales programs.

Having talented people is a great thing, but the best part about our team is they all share our core values and commitment to Doing It Right. I have always heard that growing a successful company is all about people, so I am very optimistic about our team and where they will take OpenTech in the future,” stated Robert.

Be Heard! How Voice-Enabled Technology Can Improve the Self-Storage Customer Experience

Voice Technology Device 1

Be Heard! How Voice-Enabled Technology Can Improve the Self-Storage Customer Experience

By: Jon Loftin, OpenTech Alliance Vice President and IoE Product Owner

Artificial intelligence is touching more facets of our lives, and we need to start thinking about how it can improve the self-storage industry and our customers’ experience. Read how voice-enabled devices work and the functions they offer.

The way we interact with computers changes approximately every 10 years. First, we used punch cards, then keyboards and monitors, then the mouse, which was followed by touchscreens. Each of these changes meant learning new skills but ultimately improved the way we engage with technology.

The next user interface is voice-driven. Think of Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. A voice-activated device can enable all kinds of hands-free functions at self-storage facilities, from opening gates or doors to answering data-specific questions such as, “Who was the last person who entered the property?” Enabling these types of abilities is like giving the manager an office assistant, allowing him to quickly perform actions and tasks.

AI for Business

While voice interactions with AI assistants are fast becoming commonplace in the home, Amazon is looking to bring the same benefits to the commercial sector with Alexa for Business. The service has three main components: management tools, an application program interface to integrate with existing applications and infrastructure, and Echo devices, which can be configured for individual tasks or used in shared locations such as conference rooms or lobbies.

  • E-mail management, which allows you to read, reply and manage e-mails
  • Website monitoring, which allows you to learn the status of your websites
  • Schedule management, which allows you to set reminders and confirm completion for tasks such as self-storage facility maintenance

Because these devices are cloud-based, they can easily be enhanced and expanded. Cloud-based systems allow for easy improvements without the high cost of upgrading older PC-based technology. Self-storage operators who are using antiquated tools should investigate newer platforms that allow for additional functionality, increased security and lower cost of ownership. Some are already experiencing multiple benefits by employing voice-enabled devices at their locations.

“We’ve seen numerous times where overcoming a language barrier sealed the deal in securing a rental,” says Natolie Ochi, president of SKS Management, which operates 23 self-storage properties in California. “We see future benefits of voice-driven functions at our properties, from having Alexa open our gates to giving the manager a daily briefing report, setting reminders, and so much more.”

Common Uses

Here are some common ways to use voice-enabled devices and platforms at your self-storage locations:

Language translation. If a customer who doesn’t speak English enters your facility, you can ask the device to translate your speech into the customer’s language and vice versa, omitting the language barrier and facilitating a unit rental. It vastly improves the customer experience for non-English speakers.

Control other facility devices. Voice technology can also be used to control thermostats, gates, doors and more. For example, you can simply say, “Open the front gate.” There’s no need to stop what you’re doing to find the clicker or open the access software to perform this simple function.

You can even ask the AI to begin the workday, which might include turning on lights, starting the coffee-maker, telling you the weather or breaking news, or relaying the number of rentals the facility had via the self-serve kiosk or online reservation system during the night.

Security Concerns

Data security and privacy are significant concerns today with all this new technology. Amazon and Google say their assistants only start recording information after they’ve heard the wake phrases “Alexa” or “Hey Google.” Users can delete any information that was stored.

The attack vector for smart speakers is small, meaning a hacker would have to access Amazon or Google or your physical device. Your laptop and Web browser, which store more critical information, are much more open to cyber-threats than a voice-controlled device.

Adapting to Demand

“Amazon, Apple, and Google are investing billions to make voice recognition the main way we communicate with the Internet. We need to take proactive steps to ensure we’re part of this new shift in user experience,” says Robert A. Chiti, CEO and president of OpenTech Alliance, a provider of self-storage kiosks, call-center services, and other technology.

Investigate the benefits of incorporating voice-enabled devices into your day-to-day operation, including how people use them and how they can enhance the customer experience. As with any new technology, it’s important to choose an open platform that allows for integrations with many devices as opposed to a closed, end-to-end solution.

Just as Web and mobile search displaced the Yellow Pages in how customers find and use self-storage, voice-enabled devices can drive even greater change. As consumers use these platforms, the more functionality they’ll expect. Potential self-storage users will ask their device for the closest facility, then to reserve a unit, pay their rent, schedule a move-out or perform other functions. Facility operators should think about how they’ll use this new technology to stay competitive in a quickly evolving industry.

OpenTech Launches SmartEye

OpenTech Launches SmartEye

December 12th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart connected technology solutions for the self-storage industry announced the launch of SmartEye, a tenant and asset protection service, that uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning and a Virtual Security Team (VST) to detect, intercept, and alert intrusions at self-storage facilities.

According to Jim Kwitchoff, Regional Vice President for Life Storage, “OpenTech’s SmartEye security monitoring service, powered by BlueEye, has taken our facility monitoring to another level. Combining Artificial Intelligence with good old-fashioned eyes on the target and live voice, SmartEye has proven to be an effective tool that we can use to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers. The OpenTech Sales and Service teams are responsive at all times and have worked non-stop to meet our needs. We are very particular at Life Storage about the companies with which we do business, and OpenTech has met our high standards.” SmartEYE_logo_Final

SmartEye works with your existing CCTV systems to detect bad behavior as it is happening at your facility and immediately alerts a Virtual Security Team (VST). The VST is standing by to respond to the perpetrator with voice commands as well as notifies the local authorities who can immediately respond to the incident. The VST can also respond to visitors with precautionary or greeting messages reinforcing that security is a priority and enhancing customers assurance their belongings are secure.

The system uses A.I. technology to learn from the incidents and tags events that the VST should ignore, such as lights turning on and off. A.I. combined with a VST gives owners and operators peace of mind knowing their tenants and facility assests are being monitored by a professionally trained security team and incidents are being addressed in real-time opposed to reactively looking through recorded footage or relying on untrained personnel to respond to incidents.

Jon Loftin, Vice President and IoE Product Owner at OpenTech Alliance commented, “We have been following Technology advancements in A.I. and how it can benefit self-storage security. We are impressed with the results at several self-storage locations where SmartEye is implemented. Operators are reporting facilities that once experienced frequent issues have had no incidents!”

SmartEye is available now, contact OpenTech Alliance or learn more about SmartEye here.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Celebrates 15 years in Business

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Press Release

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Celebrates 15 years in Business

For Immediate Release:

July 7, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. has reached a new milestone this July, celebrating its’ 15th year in business. The company has grown from garage startup into a thriving technology company with over 200 employees and thousands of customers across North America.

Robert Chiti, OpenTech Founder, stated, “Wow, how time flies when you are having fun. Starting and growing a technology business in an industry full of great people has been a dream of mine, I feel very blessed. We owe our success to the hundreds of self-storage operators that trusted us to help them automate their business and vendors that welcomed us to the industry and worked with us on behalf of our mutual customers. We could have never gotten here without them.”

Today, OpenTech is the largest self-service kiosk provider, operates the largest call center in the industry, manages the largest online auction website in the industry, and has most recently launched the industry’s first smart access control system based on the OpenTech IoE platform which is rapidly replacing old PC-based solutions.

In July of 2003, Robert Chiti, Mike Connolly and Davin Dameron drew up plans to develop and market a self-service kiosk, designed to bring the benefits of automation to the booming self-storage industry. OpenTech was initially conceived as a provider of “open” technology solutions that would integrate with and complement other vendors’ systems and technologies. Adhering to this philosophy, OpenTech has since grown into a highly-respected leader and multi-faceted technology solutions provider for the industry.

“Our growth strategy is based on three pillars; Internal Innovation, Acquisitions, Partnerships. So far, the plan is working pretty well’, added Chiti.

StorageTreasures Acquires StorageStuff.Bid


Press Release

StorageTreasures Acquires StorageStuff.Bid

For Immediate Release:

July 9th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – StorageTreasures, LLC, the owner of, the storage industry’s leading online auction platform, announced it has acquired StorageStuff.Bid, a well-respected competing online storage auction site. As part of the transaction Cheli and Chris Rosa, both seasoned auctioneers and employees of StorageStuff.Bid, will join OpenTech Alliance, Inc., managers of and majority stakeholder of Storage Treasures, LLC.

“We have always had a great relationship with the folks at StorageStuff.Bid and are very excited to now be on the same team. With Cheli and Chris on board, we are the only online auction company to have licensed auctioneers with licenses in all 50 states, which gives our customers a level of protection not available with other online auction sites. They add a ton of credibility to what we’re doing, a wealth of knowledge, and valuable expertise as it pertains to lien laws for both traditional and online auctions”, claimed Robert A. Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

Chiti added, “Cheli will be responsible for supporting the StorageStuff.Bid customers as well as improving our facility manager and auction buyer training programs. We are going to put Chris to work on expanding our Auction Review Service. In addition, we are going to rely on both of them to teach us how we can better support Auctioneers with their live auctions.”

“We have been an OpenTech and StorageStuff.Bid customer for many years. The merger of OpenTech’s technology expertise with Chris and Cheli’s auction experience is a great thing for us and the industry. We trust them to ensure our lien sales are done properly and that we get as much money possible for our delinquent tenant’s goods,” Marc Harris, Vice President of Metro Storage.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished at StorageStuff.Bid, but realized that it was going to be very difficult to compete with the level of investment OpenTech is making in The amount of money they spend on digital marketing, auction buyer programs, customer service and technology innovations is staggering, so we felt joining forces was the right move. The one area they were weak was actual auction experience. Chris and I are filling that gap and bringing them our years of experience running both online and live auctions as well our professional auctioneer licenses”, stated Cheli Rosa from StorageStuff.Bid.

The company expects to have all StorageStuff.Bid customers transitioned within 90 days, at which time the StorageStuff.Bid site will be shutdown. After the transition will represent 8,500 facilities, 900,000 active buyers and 15,000 monthly auctions. As the leader in online storage auctions, StorageTreasures has completed well over 1,000,000 successful auctions for self-storage facilities.

About StorageTreasures
Founded in 2010, StorageTreasures offers the most comprehensive self-storage auction platform available on the internet. In addition to storage auction hunters, the site serves auctioneers, appraisers, pickers, yard sale buyers, self-storage customers, and facility owners throughout the US and Canada. OpenTech Alliance, Inc. owns a majority of StorageTreasures, LLC and manages

About OpenTech Alliance
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self storage industry. The company’s products and services include the INSOMNIAC line of self serve kiosks , INSOMNIAC Live! call center , INSOMNIAC CIA access control system and online storage auctions. OpenTech solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self-storage facilities.

Contact: Andrew Letter, Director of Digital Marketing (480)397-6503

Highline Storage ‘Sets the Market’ With Their Innovative Technology Solutions

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Customer Success Story

Highline Storage ‘Sets the Market’ With Their Innovative Technology Solutions

June 26th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – Highline Storage is changing the way their storage facilities run their operations through the innovative technology solutions from OpenTech Alliance. Recently Highline Storage implemented the industry’s first hands-free tenant mobile app and cloud-based INSOMNIAC CIA, Centralized Access Control solution. Within 2 weeks Highline Storage had 50% of their customers use the Storage Genie tenant mobile app to access their property, hands-free. “Our customers are very excited to benefit from this new hands free technology at our properties; it’s another offering that sets us apart from our competitors”, stated Alison Evans, Director of Operations for Highline.

New to the industry, Alison connected with industry professionals, bought tons of books and fully immersed herself in how to run a successful self-storage business. It was pretty obvious to Alison that if she could successfully automate her facilities, she could expand her operations much faster. This search to automate brought her to OpenTech’s wide array of self-service products. “We didn’t want to play the numbers game with our competitors, so instead we equipped our locations with innovative technology features to enhance the customer experience and market our facilities as the better option.” stated Alison. “Now at Highline we don’t match the market, we set the market. We’ve completely changed our selling strategy and now charge an admin fee, require insurance for everyone, don’t offer move-in deals and our prices are higher than our competition.”

“Highline Storage is very successful at ‘setting the market’ by offering technology solutions like kiosks, security cameras, hands-free access through our Storage Genie tenant mobile app and having access to critical data and predictive analytics through our CIA Access Control solution.” Stated Robert Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech Alliance. “From virtually anywhere, Alison can manage her properties, setup proactive maintenance triggers and view predictive analytics on her renters’ behaviors.”

“I went to the ISS tradeshow in April to look at software options, and left with Access Control!”, stated Alison. “Access Control wasn’t really on my radar, but when OpenTech showcased their CIA solution I was immediately sold on the cloud-based technology, technical support team, and hands-free secure access through the Storage Genie tenant mobile app. Prior to having CIA implemented I would get random calls, typically on evenings and weekends, that the gate was not working. I would need to visit the property and reset the gate system.” Alison added, “I didn’t realize how terrible my other Access Control system was until I had CIA installed and was able to allow that customer access without driving to the facility, it’s changed the way we do business.”

Highline Storage currently operates 3 self-storage locations in Des Moines, Iowa, of which two are unmanned and one is utilizing an OpenTech kiosk. They have two more facilities in development and opening mid 2019.

INSOMNIAC CIA gives self-storage operators total control of a single or hundreds of properties, and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation, and support. Operators don’t have to worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software is always running the most current version and will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners can also gain insights into their renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

Get in touch with an OpenTech expert here to see how these and other solutions can impact your storage facilities’ customer satisfaction and bottom line!

Devon Self Storage Sees Amazing Returns from OpenTech Alliance Call Center Services

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Devon Self Storage Sees Amazing Returns from OpenTech Alliance Call Center Services

June 21st, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – Devon Self Storage, one of the largest self-storage operators in the U.S., with 49 facilities and over 3.4 million square feet of rentable space, recently expanded its’ use of the OpenTech Alliance INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center to handle all their inbound telephone calls. While Devon had previously been using the OpenTech Call Center for several years to handle their overflow calls, all the companies’ calls are now handled by OpenTech.

After exhaustive testing in 11 of its’ locations, Devon made the decision to expand its’ partnership with OpenTech Alliance based on a number of key factors, including: Ability to handle after-hours calls; Staff efficiency and effectiveness; Reporting Capabilities and Call Recordings. According to Jim Mooney, Devon’s Vice President of Operations: “In testing, our actual closing percentage on new calls increased by 21% – because when a customer is looking for storage, it’s because they need it now. With the call center, all (conversations) get logged-in and forwarded to the stores so that our managers can then do what we do best, which is to follow-up and try to get them through the front door. Since we moved all of our calls to OpenTechs’ Call Center, we now close approximately 30% of all incoming leads, and we are very happy with that number compared to where we were before.”

Prior to moving all inbound calls to the OpenTech Call Center, Devon had already been using OpenTech Alliance to respond to their incoming web leads. According to Mooney, Devon has been able to close a whopping 43% of these in 2017: “We’re only open from 9:30 to 6:00 on Monday to Friday, and 9:30 to 4:00 on Saturdays. So, if someone makes a web-based request at 7:00 on a Saturday night, the best-case scenario was that it would be handled at 9:30 on Monday morning. With our web leads going directly to OpenTech, that lead is now handled within a half-hour window, so the customer gets an immediate phone call plus a nice email with a PDF attachment. They can even complete the rental paperwork right there on the spot! So for Devon it allows us to stop the shopping cycle and provide a comfort level for the customer, along with the instant gratification they’re looking for.”

Just how important is OpenTechs’ call center to Devon Self Storage, we asked: Said Mooney: “Most people who call in want to talk to a live person – they don’t want an answering machine, and they don’t want an IVR (interactive voice response system). For us, it guarantees that all our calls get answered immediately by a real person. And if the manager is busy with another customer, whether it’s in-person or on the phone, it ensures that these calls are handled promptly as well, without having to divert the managers attention.”

Beyond these points, Mooney says that the call notes and recordings provided as a part of OpenTechs’ Call Center service are also critical: “Having detailed call notes and recordings are key when there’s any kind of an issue – we can go back and see exactly what was said. We never had that capability before, and it’s really a game changer when you need it.”

Devon also uses several other OpenTech products including their XpressCollect and XpressPay automated collections and payment systems. “These products provide the self-storage tenant with a simple and unobtrusive way to pay their bills, and to be reminded when they don’t.” according to Bill Hoffman, OpenTech VP of Sales & Marketing. Adds Mooney: “I don’t know why any self-storage operator wouldn’t use these products – they are really a no-brainer, and for my money, they would be missing a huge opportunity.”

Get in touch with an OpenTech expert here to see how these and other solutions can impact your storage facilities’ customer satisfaction and bottom line!

White Oaks Mini Storage / EZ Lock Self Storage Select OpenTech Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA) Solution for Access Control

whiteoaksyucan 1

Customer Success Story

White Oaks Mini Storage and EZ Lock Self Storage Select OpenTech Alliance Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA) Solution for Access Control

Business Operations Streamlined Since Implementing CIA in December 2017

White Oaks Mini StoragePhoenix, AZ  – OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self-storage industry, announced that White Oaks Mini Storage and EZ Lock Self Storage owner is changing the way his business uses access control through the industry’s first cloud-based INSOMNIAC CIA solution.

Mike Fox, owner and operator for White Oaks and EZ Lock Self Storage operates 5 locations in Illinois. His family has been in the storage industry for 30 years and when Mike left the medical devices industry in 2012 to run the business full-time, he knew there had to be a better strategy than build it, put a manager in, and go. Mike added, “the more we automated the faster we could grow”, which lead him to OpenTech Alliance.

“We were looking for an access control solution that would eliminate the pain points of the other leading solutions as well as allow us to manage our properties from my home office which is up to 2 hours away.” Mike added, “In the event one of our access systems gets knocked offline, I would need to drive an hour and a half just to push a reset button. Furthermore, if we have an issue I would submit an online ticket and then spend hours on the phone with tech support. Since implementing CIA, I am able to talk to a live customer support agent to get my system back online fast. We have also noticed the cloud-based software is more stable than other access control solutions.”

Mike uses the reports accessible from OpenTechs’ Facility Control Center to gain actionable insights on his customers. Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech added, “from virtually anywhere, Mike’s able to monitor who is using his facility, make sure delinquent customers are being locked out, use the open gate feature, and many more functions to help streamline his business operations.” Mike is excited to offer his customers hands-free access to his property with the Storage Genie app. Mike also added, “implementing CIA was easier than the other access control solutions and saved us money”.

Veteran Self Storage Developer Integrates Facility Automation with Every Project

AdobeStock 92580405

Customer Success Story

Veteran Self Storage Developer Integrates Facility Automation with Every Project

Self storage facilityJanuary, 16 2018 – Industry veteran Dave Fegley of Park Avenue Consulting, LLC. has been developing self storage projects for over 35 years throughout Iowa and the Midwest. Having built, managed and sold multiple storage facilities over the years, he currently consults on new projects, and as you might guess, he’s learned a few lessons along the way. While there are of course numerous factors that go into building and running a successful self-storage business, Fegley specifically cites self-service kiosks from OpenTech Alliance as one of the “keys to running a profitable facility”, saying he “recommends them to everyone:”

“We installed our first OpenTech kiosk in Sioux City and the whole facility was rented out in six months. Everyone really loved that machine. They’d go to the kiosk before they go see the manager. Even the customers who were reluctant at first… once they pushed the button and saw how easy it was to use, they didn’t come into the office anymore.”

It wasn’t just how quickly the facility filled up that sold Fegley on automation: “One of the great things about the kiosks is how they really free everyone up to work on more important tasks… you’re free to do whatever you need to do.” Since then, Fegley has installed OpenTech Kiosks at every one of his facilities, and integrates them from the start into his planning. “As always”, he says: “its location, location, location: Placement of the kiosk on the property is critical, as is proper signage and communication directing customers to it.” “Building (a kiosk) into the plan from the start helps to maximize the return you get over the long run”.

Mike Connolly, OpenTechs’ COO adds: “to make the most of our products, they really should be considered as an integral part of the business. Then, with some simple, common-sense best practices, they add value in a number of ways that are helpful to both managers and customers alike. We’ve seen numerous self-storage facilities over the years transformed with the help of a little well-placed technology. Hearing this kind of feedback from repeat customers like Dave and many others just validates what we do here at OpenTech, and keeps us focused on our mission to help self-storage owners work smarter.”

Kiosks become an integral part of business model at Berks Storage

Screen Shot

Customer Success Story

Kiosks become an integral part of business model at Berks Storage

Pennsylvania self-sorage operator expands its’ use of technology and discovers multiple benefits to automating its’ facilities.

December 7, 2017 – OpenTech Alliance, the leading technology and automation company in the self-storage industry, has with teamed up with Berks Storage, a Pennsylvania self-storage operator to expand its’ use of automation technology. With a total of 5 locations, including 2 newly constructed facilities, Berks presently has about 2,265 units with roughly 300,000 square feet of rentable space and growing.  The firm has been automating its’ business in order to better serve its customers and to help keep payroll expenses down.

Presently, Berks has self-service kiosks at three of its’ locations, and has two more on order for its’ new facilities. According to Dave Paul, Managing Partner of Berks: “We’ve completely integrated the INSOMNIAC Kiosks into our operation, and the more channels we offer our customers to rent a unit or pay their bills, the better. We want customers to be able to rent or pay online, in-person, through the call center or the kiosk 24/7 – whatever is easier for them.”

Although 2 of the facilities run essentially unmanned, Paul says the kiosks tend to get used even when a manager is available: “Our customers are really into the technology… especially the millennials. Even with staff onsite, they might stop by the kiosk just to buy a lock. There’s a big convenience factor at work here. These days, convenience for our tenants and prospective tenants is paramount. We want to give them the ability to interact with us when and how they want to. The self-service technology from OpenTech has enabled us to do this, and the people at OpenTech have been a big help in getting it all working together.”

According to Robert Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech Alliance, the effect of the kiosks on Berks business model isn’t too surprising: “We’ve seen this many times over with facilities who install our technology… when a company embraces and integrates these systems in their operations to improve service levels and make their business more easily accessible, this tends to lead to other positive outcomes as well, like increased occupancy rates and decreased costs. It’s a classic win-win-win situation.”

Paul says he is especially keen on the reporting available from the kiosk. “For payments and rentals it collects everything there is to know, and makes it really easy to get a clear picture of what’s happening on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It actually works very well for us. It’s just a part of our everyday business.” Paul also says he appreciates the accuracy and completeness when a customer signs a lease. The kiosk doesn’t forget to collect all the necessary information, deposits and signatures, and it makes everything consistent and easily accessible – I wouldn’t build a new facility without one.”

Simply Self Storage and OpenTech Alliance celebrate successfully transitioning 230 facilities to INSOMNIAC™ Live! Call Center

SimplySS logo 1


Simply Self Storage and OpenTech Alliance Celebrate successfully transitioning 230 facilities to the INSOMNIAC™ Live! Call Center

December 06, 2017

Simply Self Storage and OpenTech Alliance are pleased to announce successful transitioning of 230 facilities from their previous provider to the OpenTech INSOMNIAC™ Live! Call Center. The Simply Self Storage and OpenTech teams have worked closely over the past several weeks to complete this important strategic partnership with a focus on mitigating conversion risks while dramatically improving the Simply Self Storage customer’s experience with improved quality and greatly reduced customer hold times.

“We are excited to partner with OpenTech in taking on and expanding our strategic call center capabilities. Their strong experience and flexible technology infrastructure is critical to furthering our customer engagement and supporting our company growth,” says Joe Robinson, SVP, Marketing. Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech added. “We are honored for the trust Simply Self Storage has placed in our organization and team. OpenTech has worked tirelessly to incorporate innovation, passion, and continuous process improvements into our INSOMNIAC™ Live! Call Center Services to ensure we have the tools to support Simply’s mantra to Simplify the Storage Experience for all of their customers.”

About Simply Self Storage
Simply Self Storage is the largest privately owned self-storage company in the United States and Puerto Rico. Founded in 2003 by Kurt O’Brien, Simply Self Storage connects customers with passionate storage experts to help simplify their lives, homes, and businesses by offering clean, safe, and stress-free options for storing their belongings. Knowledgeable team members assist in selecting a flexible solution which is convenient, simple to use, and will provide customers peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe and easily accessible. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Simply Self Storage has self-storage facilities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Puerto Rico. Simply Self Storage has over 18 million square feet of storage space with 233 operating self-storage facilities.

About OpenTech Alliance
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self storage industry. The company’s products and services include the INSOMNIAC line of self serve kiosks, INSOMNIAC Live! call center, INSOMNIAC CIA access control system and online storage auctions. OpenTech solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self-storage facilities. OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

OpenTech Alliance Launches Internet of Everything (IoE) Enabled Access Control System

CIA Keypad e1517249249737

OpenTech Demonstrates New INSOMNIAC CIA system at Self Storage Association Conference in Las Vegas.

OpenTech Alliance Launches Internet of Everything (IoE) Enabled Access Control System

locksSeptember 5th, 2017 Phoenix, AZ – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is introducing the first of a new generation of products developed for their Internet of Everything (IoE) platform.

The first component of the platform is a Centralized Intelligent Access system – INSOMNIAC CIA . According to Jon Loftin, Vice President and IoE Product Owner for OpenTech Alliance: “The product was designed to address the largest pain points self storage operators have with existing solutions, including: reliance on old school PC technology, skyrocketing pricing, lack of centralized data and control, limited technical support and no long term hardware warranty. We know the industry is anxious to move off their old technology, so we are offering customers the ability to  pre-order their systems with a 100% refundable deposit. We are planning to have product available Feb. 2018.”

Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech added. “We are very lucky to have Jon leading our IoE platform effort. He has over 25 years of experience in the access and control arena and it is his experience and leadership that have made it possible for OpenTech to deliver such a dramatically advanced solution. We are all excited to see what he comes up with next.”

INSOMNIAC CIA is the first cloud-based access control system designed specifically for the Self Storage industry. It does not require a PC at the facility. The system gives operators total control of one to thousands of facilities with a mobile friendly administration portal using any Internet connected device including PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones. The portal provides secure, real-time diagnostics, data visualization and reporting insights into what is happening at the facility at all times from anywhere in the world.

The IoE platform is designed based on an open architecture allowing operators and other technology vendors to develop their own integrations. OpenTech will be integrating the system with their LiveAgent! call center application, allowing their storage counselors to better assist tenants on the property. INSOMNIAC CIA comes with a Lifetime Protection program that includes; software subscription, hardware warranty, unlimited telephone support, and the Storage Genie mobile app. Storage Genie comes with the “No Touch” feature that allows self storage tenants to quickly access the property without having to even reach for their smartphones.

INSOMNIAC CIA hardware is built to last and has undergone surge/lightning testing of 20,000V at 10,000Amps for the power inputs and 16,000V at 380Amps for the RS485 communications. In addition, it is also listed to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specification UL294 for access control systems

To learn more, visit or call us at 602.749.9370.

OpenTech Alliance Brings Self Storage Robot to North America

Keylo small e

OpenTech Alliance, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for the self storage industry, announced they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Wyca, a robotics engineering company headquartered in Toulouse, France, to sell and support their Keylo robot in North America. OpenTech demonstrated the robot at the Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas last month.

Self Storage Robot PHOENIX, ARIZONA (PRWEB) MAY 10, 2017

The robot is designed to assist self storage customers rent a unit, make a payment, purchase a lock and it will even escort them to their unit. The robot will also connect the consumer with a live storage counselor who can assist them and answer any questions they may have about the facility.

“We are engineers, and our passion is integrating Robotics with Artificial Intelligence technologies to solve business problems. We are very pleased to be partnering with OpenTech Alliance to be our sales and service partner in North America. Their reputation and track record for developing innovative self storage solutions is impressive, and fits perfectly with our strategic plan to bring automation to the industry”, stated Matthieu Besozzi, Wyca Co-Founder.

Robert Chiti, OpenTech President and CEO added: “We are super impressed with the Wyca team. As an industry, we are fortunate they have decided to invest their brainpower, money and resources to help put self storage operators in a position to leverage the latest in technology to operate their businesses. Typically, the aerospace and healthcare industries get to have all the cool technology first. Over the next year we will be demonstrating the robot and collaborating with self storage operators to learn more about how they feel it can help their business.”

About OpenTech Alliance
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self storage industry. The company’s products and services include the INSOMNIAC line of self serve Kiosks, INSOMNIAC Live! call center services, technology for online storage reservations, and the online storage auctions website. OpenTech solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self-storage facilities

About Wyca
Wyca develops Keylo, the first service robot specifically designed for self-storage industry. By combining human interactions and Artificial Intelligence, Keylo robot helps self-storage owners to receive clients remotely, lower operational expenditures and strengthen security. Wyca is headquartered in Toulouse, France.

This technology is part of a larger trend towards unattended or unmanned self storage. A video of the Self Storage Robot in action can be seen here:

OpenTech Voted Best Self Storage Call Center for 2016

ISS Award 2017

iss-award-2017Congratulations to the entire OpenTech team for another job well-done:

Winner – ISS Best Self Storage Call Center Services 2016!


More proof that hard work and dedication pays off….

The Inside Self-Storage “Best of Business” reader-choice poll, launched in 2011, solicits online votes from industry professionals who elect their favorite suppliers in approximately 30 categories. Awards include Best Builder, Best Management Software, Most Innovative Product and Best Customer Service among many others. Winners are honored through profile pages in ISS magazine as well as during a special ceremony at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas. The results are published online year-round for ISS readers to access.

Awesome job, everyone!

OpenTech Alliance Makes Significant Donation to SSA Legislative Fund

SSA Legislative Fund

ssa-legislative-fundPHOENIX, ARIZONA – Jan. 23, 2017

OpenTech Alliance, Inc., a leading technology partner for self-storage operators looking to improve the financial performance of their portfolio through the use of innovative technology, has announced they have made a significant donation to the national Self Storage Association’s legislative fund. The donation was on behalf of, in support of the 2017 plan to update 11 state lien laws to explicitly include online auctions as a recognized method of holding a commercially reasonable lien sale. is the industry’s leading online auction site with a base of auction buyers larger than all other sites combined. The site was created by veteran self-storage operators and was supported by attorneys from the Self Storage Legal Network – D. Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker, all who believed that there had to be a better way to hold self storage lien sales. Their goal was to create a process where operators could expand the audience for lien sales to thousands of buyers and reduce the expense, risk and overhead of holding live auctions at self-storage properties.

According to SSA President & CEO Tim Dietz, “The Self Storage Association annually assesses adjustments to statute that can assist our members keep pace with the evolving practices of our sector. While we believe that online auctions currently represent an acceptable, commercially reasonably lien sale, providing comfort through clarity in laws that govern our industry is just one more way we work to protect our members. We appreciate that OpenTech, a longtime supporter of the SSA, has stepped-up to encourage our efforts,” he said.

“The team at the SSA does a fantastic job of protecting our industry and we are very happy to be able to support them with a meaningful donation. Next year we hope to be supporting a full court press to eliminate the requirement to poste lien notices in newspapers”, commented Robert A. Chiti, OpenTech Alliance President and CEO as well as past member of the SSA Board of Directors.

OpenTech Labs Cuts the Ribbon on New Software Development Space

ribbon cutting 1
OpenTech Labs
CEO Robert Chiti (left), and Joe Arnone, Vice President of Product Management cut the ribbon on the new OpenTech Labs.

OpenTech Alliance cut the ribbon on it’s new software development center dubbed “OpenTech Labs” today. Presiding over the festivities is OpenTech Alliance President and CEO Robert Chiti, and Joe Arnone, Vice President of Product Management, who provided the impetus to make this a reality. The new OpenTech Labs is a part of OpenTech’s push into new products and services geared towards adding value to it’s core technologies in the self storage rentals market. OpenTech Alliance provides a line of integrated hardware, software and solutions that improve customer service, efficiency, and profitability for self storage facilities nationwide.

OpenTech Labs designed the new space in a bid to attract up and coming developers to it’s growing operation. “With the market for tightening, we need to compete more aggressively to find and keep high quality talent” according to Chiti. “what has worked in the past has to make way for new realities”. With growth coming in a range of SaaS (software as a service) products, along with OpenTech’s “” online auctions website, the need for high quality programmers and product developers is continuing to increase. By providing a fresh and open workspace, OpenTech Labs aims to improve internal collaboration while better offering a more inviting work environment for it’s development teams.


OpenTech Helps Storage Managers Rent over 130,000 Units in 2015

PHOENIX, Arizona – September 6th, 2016 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced the release of the 2016 Self Storage Technology White Paper.  According to the report, storage unit rentals through the INSOMNIAC™ platform eclipsed 130,000 units in 2015.

A total of 49,966 move-ins were completed thru INSOMNIAC self-service kiosks.  Also, a total of 76,832 move-ins were completed thru the OpenTech Call Center (INSOMNIAC Live!), and finally, a total of 5,682 rentals were captured via INSOMNIAC Online.

OpenTech’s portfolio of customers yielded an estimated $140 million in new sales over 2015 using the company’s automated solutions.  In addition, the kiosk, call center and online solutions assisted store managers in collecting a grand total of 609,649 customer payments, while conducting over 1.9 million self storage transactions in 2015.

This is the 8th year OpenTech will be demonstrating their core value of transparency by sharing their transaction data with the industry. The White Paper includes ongoing self storage business trends, customer case studies, and several valuable illustrations used to highlight key points for consideration.

What you’ll learn from this research:

  • Analyze the objectives storage owners are able to achieve by integrating self-service sales & service channels into their operation.
  • Kiosk comparisons for benchmarking individual results to all kiosks installed provides an in-depth look at how your onsite technology is performing.
  • Data on the AASR (Average Annual Sales Return) of OpenTech products will reveal how self storage owners can evaluate efficiencies and returns on investing in self-service technology.
  • Comprehensive call center data and the conversion rates of store managers.
  • Case Studies about operators who are bundling INSOMNIAC solutions to impact facility valuation.
  • Discover the strategies other storage businesses have put in place to attract new renters and see just how far their business processes have evolved.

Jim Chiswell, President of Chiswell & Associates said, “Since the start-up of Open Tech Alliance, Robert and his team of technology professionals have used their annual Self Storage Technology White Paper to share statistical and data insights on facility achievements, sales tactics, manager performance, asset management and customer analytics that they have measured across their various platforms during the past year.  I want to acknowledge their contribution to our industry’s growing understanding of the positive impact properly implemented technologies can have on our bottom-line results.”

The complete 2016 Self Service Technology White Paper is available for download at the company website or by clicking here.

Why We Do What We Do: Every day, OpenTech Alliance connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world. With over 4,000 daily transactions, the companies automated products and services helped Storage Managers move-in over 130,000 tenants in 2015, generating over 140 million dollars in new sales revenue alone. OpenTech also owns a majority stake in Storage Treasures, LLC and operates, the largest online and onsite self-storage auction market place in the industry with over 900,000 bidders, 6,500 self-storage facilities and over 140,000 auctions held in 2015. OpenTech, Making Self-Storage Easier, So More People will Use It. For additional information, please visit or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact:
Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

NOTE TO EDITORS: OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo, and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. INSOMNIAC kiosks are protected by U.S. patent number 5,946,660.

OpenTech Acquires eTRACKER for Self and Mobile Storage

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Sept. 5th, 2016 – Today, OpenTech Alliance Inc. announced they have reached an agreement with eTRACKER, LLC to acquire the eTRACKER software system for the self and mobile storage markets. eTRACKER, LLC will exit the self storage market and retain a customized version of the software to sell into the commercial real estate market. The transition is projected to be completed by the end of 2016.

eTRACKER has been available and used by self storage operators for several years. Operators have been enjoying the benefits of streamlining their operation, reducing costs, going paperless, as well as improving communications internally and externally with vendors.  The solution has a cloud based corporate module called “HQ” and a mobile app.  The system has benefits for managers, district managers, owners and even third party vendors – everyone knows what is happening at the facility without having to be there.

OpenTech will be renaming the operations management solution to StoreTracker. StoreTracker features include:

  • Property Audit
  • Incident Report Management
  • Task Management Module
  • Unit Inventory Management and Lock Checks
  • Auction Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Operations Management Optimization

“We have been using eTRACKER for several months and it has made a very positive impact on our operation.  Our managers love it and use it to track and share information in ways we never thought about.  We have been a customer of OpenTech’s for many years.  We have kiosks at all our properties and trust them to handle all our incoming phone calls thru their call center.   In addition, we use their collections tool and to handle our auctions.  So we are very happy OpenTech has picked up this product, it is a great addition to their platform of solutions,” stated Margaret Martin, EVP Property Management for Pegasus Group/Central Self Storage.

Jon Loftin, OpenTech Vice President and Product Owner said, “StoreTracker fits nicely into our IoE strategy and we plan to open it up for use by other vendors in the self storage industry.  Storage operators including managers, DMs and corporate staff will be able to use one tool to communicate with all of the vendors they use to operate their facility.  This will allow operators to track everything that is going on at a facility with one easy to use tool.”

Contact OpenTech if you are interested in learning more about how StoreTracker can save you money, simiplfy your operation and always keep you the loop.

Why We Do What We Do: Every day, OpenTech Alliance connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world. With over 4,000 daily transactions, the company’s automated products and services helped Storage Managers move-in over 100,000 tenants in 2015, generating over 100 million dollars in new sales revenue alone. OpenTech also owns a majority stake in StorageTreasures, LLC and operates, the largest online and onsite self-storage auction market place in the industry with over 950,000 bidders, 7,500 self-storage facilities and over 140,000 auctions held in 2015. OpenTech, Making Self-Storage Easier, So More People will Use It. For additional information, please visit or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact:
Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

NOTE TO EDITORS: OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo, and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. INSOMNIAC kiosks are protected by U.S. patent number 5,946,660.

Moving on Labor Day: Good Idea or Not So Much?


Everyone knows that Labor Day is supposed to be a time for rest and reflection, but some people prefer to use the holiday to accomplish the time-consuming task of moving.  Each year the first Monday in September is set aside as a national tribute to America’s workers. The resulting three-day weekend can give movers time to relocate without taking time away from their jobs, said Carol Miller Fradkin author of “Moving Gracefully: A Guide to Relocating Yourself & Your Family.”

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Does your storage facility have a backup plan?


Does your storage facility have a backup plan?

In a recent SBOA webinar (link), an independent study by SSMC (Self Storage Management of California) found that the average storage manager misses the opportunity to convert about twenty (20) sales calls monthly.

  • Sales calls are missed during the workday when a manager is on the telephone.
  • Sales calls are missed when a manager is with a customer at the counter.
  • Sales calls are missed when a manager is away from the counter.
  • Sales calls are also missed in the evenings, and on the weekends when the office is closed.

The study found that by using INSOMNIAC™ Live! Rollover, SSMC reported a monthly increase of 20 additional sales calls (per store) for their portfolio of 17 properties. In turn, storage managers at SSMC converted an average of four (4) additional rentals monthly by using the backup plan. At an industry average of $1,100 per rental, the service drove an additional $60,000.00 in revenue (per facility).

“Remember, if you miss the call, the chance of converting it to a rental is ZERO. In 2015, INSOMNIAC™ Live! Rollover is estimated to have driven over $1.0 million in added rental revenue for our portfolio of properties.”

Mark Yandow – Partner & Co-Founder at Self Storage Management of California

Uncle Sam Increases Savings to Self Storage Owners on Kiosk Purchases

OpenTech Alliance reminds self storage owners that INSOMNIAC™ Kiosks now qualify for increased tax deductions under the new PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act). The tax act notably reduces the cost of a kiosk purchase by 35% percent, resulting in a savings of up to $6,300 per kiosk. Taking advantage of this tax savings may just be the best financial decision you make in 2016.

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The Rise of Storage Manager Technology

XC Blog

The introduction of task based technologies is actually being championed by store managers as a routine treatment to eliminate lots of storage tasks. If you are looking for ways to reduce the effort you invest in collection calls & manual payment transactions; these tools will offload a large amount of your efforts. The application of these devices is now being recognized as a cure-all for managing accounts payable while steering a busy storage business.

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Customer Behaviors You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Because of technology, customers have changed their purchasing behaviors, and carrying out business online has become a widespread practice. By offering customers the convenience of renting online, hundreds of self storage facilities (big and small) have seen dramatic effects on customer engagement, bottom-line growth, and or their capacity to increase market radius by attracting more customers from further distances.

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