Call Center Integration Provides Central Self Storage Tenant With World-Class Customer Service

Call Center Integration Provides Central Self Storage Tenant With World-Class Customer Service

October 18th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self-storage industry announced their OpenTech IoE Call Center integration is being effectively used to assist self-storage tenants. The integration between the INSOMNIAC® CIA and Call Center operations was launched in August.


The Call Center integration allows Storage Counselors to remotely control access to a storage facility using INSOMNIAC CIA and offer a higher level of customer service by assisting tenants that are having problems while at the facility. Joseph Webb-Perinoni, Sr. Regional Manager for the Pegasus Group commented, “Recently at one of our locations a customer was stuck behind the gate after hours, the Call Center agent was able to assist her immediately by opening the gate and providing her with world-class customer service.”

“The tenant was extremely grateful I was able to assist her, she thought she could have been stuck in all night!”, stated Brianna Webb, INSOMNIAC Live! Team Leader. She added, “Since going through the CIA training I have been so excited about this new feature and it is a game changer providing me the tools to give the tenant excellent customer service.”

“By empowering the Call Center staff with tenant data and the ability to remotely control access to the facility through our cloud-based Access Control solution INSOMNIAC CIA, we are creating happier tenants, eliminating possible negative social media reviews for facilities, and making self-storage simpler to use,” stated Robert A. Chiti, OpenTech President and CEO.

This is OpenTech’s third integration module available at no additional charge. The Call Center Integration module, the Amazon’s Alexa and the HVAC Integration launched in August are three of many third-party devices and related systems to be supported by the OpenTech IoE platform.

Staying true to their commitment of “Open” solutions, OpenTech is offering the call center integration module to third party and internal call centers as well. To find out how out more about the Call Center Integration or the INSOMNIAC CIA, contact OpenTech Alliance.

INSOMNIAC CIA access control installed at first Australasia facility at Safe Store in Pakuranga, New Zealand.

Safe Store Upgrades Access Control: OpenTech Alliance Makes Historic Debut in Australasia Self Storage with INSOMNIAC® CIA

OpenTech is pleased to announce the success of the first INSOMNIAC® CIA access control system in Australasia. The implementation of the cloud-based access control system, in partnership with Safe Store, marks a critical moment in the industry’s local technological evolution. “CIA has become a set it and forget it part of our operation — we just don’t think about it. I don’t think we’ve spoken to support now in over a month or more for anything,” said Aaron Alsweiler, CEO of Safe Store.

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