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April 12, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ. StorageTreasures, LLC, the leading online storage auction platform, announced Amsdell Companies has converted its facilities from live auctions to According to Amsdell, use of the site has become standard practice due to a streamlined auction process, superior customer service, and a better overall ROI.

The Amsdell Companies’ self storage operation, Compass Self Storage, is just one venture of the privately-owned real estate company but is quickly growing with 87 active properties and an annual acquisition rate of 12 stores per year. Based out of Ohio with over 80 years in business, Amsdell Companies’ conservative operating philosophy is at the root of its success.Blog-ReDesign-Images

Before initiating near company-wide adoption of StorageTreasures, Amsdell conducted a side-by-side comparison of returns across several months from auctions held live, on, and through a competing online auction company. and live auctions yielded comparable results, but both significantly outperformed the other online auction company.  Dana Petry, Operations Manager for Amsdell Companies, revealed StorageTreasures’ additional benefits, such as reduced liability, added flexibility, and excellent customer service, made it the obvious choice.

Reduced lien liability is just one benefit. “With our auctions on StorageTreasures and integrated with our software, there’s a lot less room for error,” said Petry. “Sometimes due to an employee entering in one wrong number – and it’s very easy when you’re putting in a unit – unit 600 becomes 900 and that one slip of the finger can really cause an issue. Because it’s all automated, we don’t have any issues.”

Amsdell Companies just completed integration across their full roster of registered stores. “I’ve noticed stores find it more convenient,” stated Petry. “The district managers enjoy it too.” Another benefit Amsdell identified is the flexibility to post delinquent units for auction one at a time – to accommodate a rolling monthly payment date – which ensures delinquency doesn’t continue to accrue until conditions permit a live auction. Petry shared additional benefits to their operations: “The whole process gives us back time in the office where we can be doing something else aside from sitting at a live auction. I think for speed, for convenience, for being error proof – it works to our favor.”

What really pushed the StorageTreasures solution over the top, according to Petry, is the customer service Amsdell receives from their account reps. “We absolutely love our account rep, Jorge Becerra, who is just amazing,” stated Petry. “It can be 8 o’clock my time, and though you guys are two hours different, he’s responding to me. I almost feel like we’re his only account.”

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