OpenTech Alliance Adds INSOMNIAC® SmartDoor to IoE Platform

May 10, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart storage solutions for self storage operations, announced the launch of INSOMNIAC SmartDoor, a new integration for OpenTech’s intelligent platform of smart-connected self storage solutions, OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything). SmartDoor is the first and only self storage office analytics system that provides actionable insights on consumer traffic and self storage access control, whether your office is open or closed.

How INSOMNIAC SmartDoor Works


INSOMNIAC SmartDoor provides owners and self storage operations the ability to gain insights and actionable data on customer visits to the office and attempted visits by potential customers. Sensors are mounted on the office front door that record when a person comes up to the door, and when it opens. SmartDoor tracks the date and time the door is opened, and, more importantly, each time a customer comes to the front door when the office is closed. Real-time reporting in the OpenTech IoE Control Center enables you to analyze trends and make important decisions about your self storage operations.

The centralized intelligent control provided through the INSOMNIAC CIA gateway and IoE Control Center allows operators to generate or schedule a report for a specific day or over a period of time to see when potential customers enter the office, and when potential customers attempt to access the office and it’s closed.

“Technology advances constantly expand our ability to capture and analyze consumer behavior data,” stated Jon Loftin, Vice President and IoE Product Owner at OpenTech Alliance. “Built with an open API that integrates easily with other applications, OpenTech IoE’s centralized data, and control is transforming the way self storage owners manage their operations to help them work SMARTER.”

Features & Availability


This new module is the sixth integration of many to be supported by the OpenTech IoE platform. Other integrations include: INSOMNIAC CIA (Cloud-based access control); INSOMNIAC SmartEye (Security monitoring); HVAC; Call Center; and an Alexa skill.

The SmartDoor storage access control integration is available at no additional charge for OpenTech INSOMNIAC CIA customers. Operators can purchase sensors and configure SmartDoor directly from the IoE Control Center. A one-time Setup, Training and Customization fee of $29 per facility is required.

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RADical Systems Software Integrates to CIA Access Control

OpenTech Alliance Integrates INSOMNIAC CIA Access Control to RADical Systems Software

OpenTech Alliance is pleased to announce its integration with RADical Systems, the longtime industry leader in self storage software in the UK and Europe and owner of Space Manager, to its rapidly growing access control solution, INSOMNIAC® CIA. This integration creates a seamless experience for self storage operators and tenants, enhancing overall facility management and improving customer service.

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