Call Center Integration Provides Central Self Storage Tenant With World-Class Customer Service


Call Center Integration Provides Central Self Storage Tenant With World-Class Customer Service

October 18th, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self-storage industry announced their OpenTech IoE Call Center integration is being effectively used to assist self-storage tenants. The integration between the INSOMNIAC CIA and Call Center operations was launched in August.

The Call Center integration allows Storage Counselors to remotely control access to a storage facility using INSOMNIAC CIA and offer a higher level of customer service by assisting tenants that are having problems while at the facility. Joseph Webb-Perinoni, Sr. Regional Manager for the Pegasus Group commented, “Recently at one of our locations a customer was stuck behind the gate after hours, the Call Center agent was able to assist her immediately by opening the gate and providing her with world-class customer service.”

“The tenant was extremely grateful I was able to assist her, she thought she could have been stuck in all night!”, stated Brianna Webb, INSOMNIAC Live! Team Leader. She added, “Since going through the CIA training I have been so excited about this new feature and it is a game changer providing me the tools to give the tenant excellent customer service.”

“By empowering the Call Center staff with tenant data and the ability to remotely control access to the facility through our cloud-based Access Control solution INSOMNIAC CIA, we are creating happier tenants, eliminating possible negative social media reviews for facilities, and making self-storage simpler to use,” stated Robert A. Chiti, OpenTech President and CEO.

This is OpenTech’s third integration module available at no additional charge. The Call Center Integration module, the Amazon’s Alexa and the HVAC Integration launched in August are three of many third-party devices and related systems to be supported by the OpenTech IoE platform.

Staying true to their commitment of “Open” solutions, OpenTech is offering the call center integration module to third party and internal call centers as well. To find out how out more about the Call Center Integration or the INSOMNIAC CIA, contact OpenTech Alliance.


Mid Atlantic Entry Systems Chooses INSOMNIAC CIA as Their Preferred Self-Storage Access Control Solution


Mid Atlantic Entry Systems Chooses INSOMNIAC CIA as Their Preferred Self-Storage Access Control Solution

October 16, 2018– Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced Mid Atlantic Entry Systems, Inc, headquartered in Mechanicsville, Virginia, a field service company that has supported Self-Storage operators with their access control and perimeter security needs for over 28 years has become an OpenTech Channel Partner. Tim Morgan acquired the company 3 years ago after working 20 years for Mid Atlantic, Inc. Having seen the company go through expansions and technology advancements he was elated at the opportunity to own and manage the business.

Mid Atlantic, Inc., and OpenTech Alliance have had a relationship for years and Tim was excited to see the launch of the industry’s first cloud-based INSOMNIAC CIA Access Control solution. “In today’s competitive environment we wanted to offer our customers more options,” stated Tim. “We immediately fell in love with the equipment, in fact, I personally installed the first systems at self-storage facilities, so I could see first-hand how easy it is to install. The ease of the retrofit by utilizing the existing wires made the upgrade install simple.” Tim continued, “We are excited for all the recent integrations to the OpenTech IoE including HVAC control and business expansion efforts this partnership has brought to our company.”

Gary Carland, Channel Development Manager for OpenTech Alliance, emphasized the point, “Every technology we develop is designed entirely to help self-storage operators, and in this case our dealers work smarter and more efficiently.” Gary added, “Due to the easy installation process, INSOMNIAC CIA saves both the installer and customer time and money.” Tim commented, “Technical Support is really where we noticed a night and day difference!” “With the other industry Access Control providers, we would wait a long time to be contacted, despite the fact we pay for rapid support.” “With OpenTech, we do an install, get on the phone and directly speak with Tech Support, and it’s all a very straightforward process.”

To learn more about the OpenTech Alliance Channel Partner opportunities, contact Gary Carland at or 828.551.1210.


Storage Authority Chooses OpenTech Smart Connected Self-Storage Technology


Storage Authority Chooses OpenTech Smart Connected Self-Storage Technology

October 1st, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced Storage Authority, a rapidly growing self-storage franchise company, will be implementing OpenTech’s smart-connected technology at all their newly developed locations. Marc Goodin, Civil Engineer and Co-Founder of Storage Authority, designed and permitted his first self-storage facility over 25 years ago. Marc commented, “By utilizing the OpenTech family of products our customers have more conveniences at their fingertips which means we win out over our competition.”

Having been involved in this industry, Marc can clearly see we have entered a pivotal turning point in the self-storage industry. “We’re now selling what’s outside the four walls of a storage unit, not what’s inside. Furthermore, we are in the people business, somewhere between the banking and hotel industries,” added Marc.

To address this shift, Marc’s strategy for his franchisees is to leverage technological advances to increase operational efficiencies and focus on the customer experience. Some of the ways he is leveraging technology are by having an INSOMNIAC kiosk onsite at every property, outsourcing inbound leads through INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center services, offering customers hands-free access through INSOMNIAC CIA and the Storage Genie tenant mobile app and utilizing OpenTech’s IoE integrations such as HVAC and Alexa.

Robert Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech Alliance, emphasized the point, “Every technology we develop is designed entirely to help self-storage operators work smarter and more efficiently. In today’s business environment you’ve got to use all the tools available to create a competitive advantage, and at OpenTech we’ve got one heck of a tool chest.”