Does your storage facility have a backup plan?



Does your storage facility have a backup plan? 

In a recent SBOA webinar (link), an independent study by SSMC (Self Storage Management of California) found that the average storage manager misses the opportunity to convert about twenty (20) sales calls monthly.

  • Sales calls are missed during the workday when a manager is on the telephone.
  • Sales calls are missed when a manager is with a customer at the counter.
  • Sales calls are missed when a manager is away from the counter.
  • Sales calls are also missed in the evenings, and on the weekends when the office is closed.

The study found that by using INSOMNIAC™ Live! Rollover, SSMC reported a monthly increase of 20 additional sales calls (per store) for their portfolio of 17 properties.  In turn, storage managers at SSMC converted an average of four (4) additional rentals monthly by using the backup plan.  At an industry average of $1,100 per rental, the service drove an additional $60,000.00 in revenue (per facility).

“Remember, if you miss the call, the chance of converting it to a rental is ZERO.  In 2015, INSOMNIAC™ Live! Rollover is estimated to have driven over $1.0 million in added rental revenue for our portfolio of properties.”

Mark Yandow – Partner & Co-Founder at Self Storage Management of California


Uncle Sam Increases Savings to Self Storage Owners on Kiosk Purchases

OpenTech Alliance reminds self storage owners that INSOMNIAC™ Kiosks now qualify for increased tax deductions under the new PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act). The tax act notably reduces the cost of a kiosk purchase by 35% percent, resulting in a savings of up to $6,300 per kiosk. Taking advantage of this tax savings may just be the best financial decision you make in 2016.

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