Another advantage of OpenTech’s solutions? They play nice with all major property management software platforms.

OpenTech solutions are designed to give the self-storage owner the freedom to use any of the leading property management systems. Below are the current features supported by each interface. Please scroll down the page to see additional interface details and contact information.


Function Description
Rentals Users are able to complete a rental at the INSOMNIAC kiosk and have the transaction appear in the facility’s property management software.
Payments Tenants are able to make payments at the kiosk and have the transaction appear in the facility’s management software.
Insurance (Automatic) When insurance is selected during move in, a charge for insurance will be automatically created and paid in the property management system (PMS).
Insurance (Manual) When insurance is selected during move in, a credit will be placed on the account. The manager will need to create the insurance charge to offset the credit manually.
Promos This means renters can view available promotions and utilize them during move-in.
Create Reservations Reservations can be created through the INSOMNIAC Self Storage Network.
Reservation Completion Reservations can fulfilled at the kiosk.
Move Outs When enabled, this allows tenants to complete the move-out process at the kiosk.
TSSA Lease Works with the Texas Self Storage Association’s (TSSA’s) Forms Software Program, enabling TSSA member facilities to reproduce and print TSSA’s storage rental agreement.
Tenant Restrictions Restricts the tenants ability to perform certain actions on the INSOMNIAC kiosk depending on their current Paid to Date.
Accepts Images Images taken by the INSOMNIAC kiosk (photo, driver’s license, etc.) are passed to the Property Management System.
Advance Tenant Search PMS vendor support is required to enable INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center and XpressCollect services.




Function Description
Pre-Pay (Automatic) The tenant selects the number of months to prepay and the amount is calculated by the property management software.
Pre-Pay (Manual) The tenant manually enters an amount to pre-pay.
Partial Payments When enabled, tenants may pay less than what is due.
Over Payments The kiosk may accept payments for arbitrary amounts above anything due including pre-payment.
Pay All When this option is enabled the tenant may select to pay all units at once. This will create a separate payment for each unit in the property management system.
Pay All Flex When this option is enabled the tenant may select to pay all units at once. Only one payment is sent to the property management system to pay the whole amount.
Auto Pay Tenants may setup their account to be automatically paid each month using a credit card.
ACH Processing Kiosk owners have the option of processing checks electronically. When turned on, the kiosk reads the check encoding and then returns the check to the tenant.
Display PTD Allows tenants to see their new paid-through-date on their receipt.
POS Purchase Lock sales made using the kiosk are automatically reflected in the property management software.




Kiosk owners choose how existing tenants login and identify themselves. This enables tenants to make payments, update their accounts, rent new units, and purchase locks using the kiosk.


What our customers are saying

  • “After our initial success with our first kiosk, we ordered another five INSOMNIACs for our other Midwest facilities.”
    Jefferson ShreveStorage Express, Martinsville, IN
  • “The only reason I need to go to the facility is to collect cash from the machine, put new locks in its dispenser, or sweep out empty units.”
    Bruce ManringDiscount Storage
  • INSOMNIAC kiosks make great business sense for the self-storage industry because they provide customer convenience and sales while helping reduce staffing costs.”
    Raymond E. McRaeStorage Solutions, Goodyear, AZ
  • “INSOMNIAC takes care of sales and payments, especially after-hours and on weekends, enabling me to run our facility with only one employee and no overtime. Customers love the kiosk and we save money.”
    Dale SchmidtExit 2 Storage
  • The OpenTech Call Center has contributed to an increase in revenue of about 20%.  We see the call center as a bottom line benefit with a net effect to rentals each month, which helps us push our unit rates higher.
    Anne BallardPresident of Marketing, Training and Developmental Services at USG
  • Our customers consistently provide positive feedback regarding our management platform and the 24 hour convenience of the kiosk combined with call center support fits perfectly with our online and mobile platform.
    Red Dot Storage