Considering an INSOMNIAC kiosk or call center service? Find out your projected ROI PDQ.

There’s no better way to find out if an INSOMNIAC kiosk or call center service (or both) can improve your bottom line than completing our short ROI worksheet. Don’t worry—it only takes a few minutes to complete. Click below to get started.

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What our customers are saying

  • The efficiencies created through automation are unparalleled and we are extremely satisfied with the products and services offered by OpenTech Alliance.  As a storage operator, we feel we can offer the highest level of convenience and service by leveraging the power of that technology.
    Red Dot Storage
  • “With INSOMNIAC, customers never see a ‘Closed’ sign or have to come back later. Instead, they can make payments or rent units at their convenience.”
    Phil FrenchPresident of Filco Limited, LLC.
  • “The only reason I need to go to the facility is to collect cash from the machine, put new locks in its dispenser, or sweep out empty units.”
    Bruce ManringDiscount Storage
  • “Thanks to their technology, I’m looking at expanding my self-storage portfolio with properties I could not previously have operated profitably. INSOMNIAC changes the math and makes more facilities financially feasible.”
    Kim McDanielBenco Mini Storage, Cleburne, TX
  • INSOMNIAC kiosks make great business sense for the self-storage industry because they provide customer convenience and sales while helping reduce staffing costs.”
    Raymond E. McRaeStorage Solutions, Goodyear, AZ
  • “The INSOMNIAC kiosk enables our customers to pay on-site with cash, check or credit card, so we need never miss a rental.”
    Jefferson ShreveStorage Express, Martinsville, IN