Dump the clipboard and replace it with a more efficient device.

What’s going on at your storage property?  With StoreTracker you’re always in-the-know.  And your staff always knows what to do.

  • The platform delivers a digital workflow system for owners, operators, district managers, and store managers
  • Ideal for storage management companies, and absentee storage owners
  • A 360° view of your critical operational activities

Eliminate the use of paper files, and post-it notes.  Work from smartphones, tablets, or personalized computers, StoreTracker gives your staff everything they need to digitally manage workflows, without the paperwork.

  • Storage managers use the StoreTracker field app to report their day-to-day activities
  • Administrators use StoreTracker HQ to assign tasks, and track manager performance

StoreTracker Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency & manager performance
  • Work faster and smarter. Both admin & staff are alerted when tasks are created, opened, pending, and finished
  • Improve communication, and empower staff with the latest technology
  • Eliminates paper files, and post-it notes to maintain your storage records

StoreTracker Features

  • Barcode Technology: Use bar codes to track: unit status, lock checks, auctions, daily tasks, work orders, safety inspections, equipment tests and more
  • Digital Lock Checks: Update unit status in the field, and automatically report on units with conflicting status
  • Task Management: Consolidate daily, monthly, and periodic maintenance requirements.  Electronically maintain accountability, and visibility into your day-to-day operations management
  • Property Audits: A digital review of the company’s operations manual and maintenance requirements
  • Incident Report Management: Report critical incident and maintenance issues with photos, notes, and automatic notifications
  • Auction Management: StoreTracker provides a digital record of lien activities following company and state guidelines.  During lien preparation, managers generate date stamped photos of over-lock, lock cutting, and contents of unit for all auction related activity
  • Centralized Reporting: Integrates with your property management system, and synchronizes for automated reporting and alerts


Questions about Operations Management? Feel free to drop us a note or call us.


What our customers are saying

  • “The INSOMNIAC kiosk is the best employee I have ever had. The first day it was turned live it took three move-ins. It is truly amazing!”
    Bruce ManringDiscount Storage
  • “With INSOMNIAC, customers never see a ‘Closed’ sign or have to come back later. Instead, they can make payments or rent units at their convenience.”
    Phil FrenchPresident of Filco Limited, LLC.
  • Our customers consistently provide positive feedback regarding our management platform and the 24 hour convenience of the kiosk combined with call center support fits perfectly with our online and mobile platform.
    Red Dot Storage
  • “INSOMNIAC takes care of sales and payments, especially after-hours and on weekends, enabling me to run our facility with only one employee and no overtime. Customers love the kiosk and we save money.”
    Dale SchmidtExit 2 Storage
  • Over the course of a year, the OpenTech call center contributed to an increase in occupancy from 71% to 82%, an all-time high.
    Blair ValkVice President of Operations at Assured Self Storage
  • On average, our largest store is producing 12 additional rentals per month through the call center.  Other properties average about 5-7 additional rentals monthly per store, resulting in a 14% same-store sales increase in 2013. With the call center, we get more income from rentals, gain occupancy and raise rates when occupancies get higher.
    Anne BallardPresident of Marketing, Training and Developmental Services at USG