Designed exclusively for self storage facilities.

locksINSOMNIAC CIA is the first of a new generation of products developed for the new OpenTech Alliance Internet of Everything (IoE) platform. This intelligent platform harnesses the power of the Internet to connect various systems and devices, allowing for powerful new applications to help you better manage and control your storage facilities.

The system gives you total control of a single or thousands of properties, and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation and support. The software is located in the cloud, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you won’t ever have to worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates. INSOMNIAC CIA even continues to operate if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners utilize a cloud based portal to control their facilities, so they can access the system from any browser, tablet or mobile device – allowing you total control of your property from virtually anywhere.

The base system consists of the INSOMNIAC CIA Gateway and wired or wireless keypad(s). The keypads feature state-of-the-art organic LED displays (OLED),which are are bright, sunlight readable and have a wide viewing  angle. Messages displayed on the keypad can be fully customized, and the keypads have been designed with unique features that makes installation and maintenance simple and painless.

Because security is paramount in today’s environment, INSOMNIAC CIA has been designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest encryption and token-based technologies for all communications between the gateway, remote devices and (AWS) web servers, offering a much higher level of security than older PC-based systems.


Lifetime Protection Includes:

  • Hardware Warranty (includes lightning & power surges)
  • Storage Genie Mobile App Updates
  • Unlimited Telephone Technical Support
  • Software Subscription & Updates

Key Features

  • Works from any mobile device, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • Built-in authentication and encryption based security
  • Handles single or multiple properties
  • Data visualization & reporting
  • Auto Open
  • Text Me My Code
  • Wireless communication options
  • OLED Organic LED on keypads

Lifetime Protection

INSOMNIAC CIA comes with our exclusive Lifetime Protection – A feature you won’t find with other access control systems. Lifetime Protection offers peace of mind in knowing that you’re covered with a Lifetime Hardware Warranty; Lifetime Software Subscription, including Updates and Enhancements; Unlimited Telephone Technical Support; and Enhancements and Upgrades to the Storage Genie Mobile App.

Storage Genie Mobile App

  • Providing customer convenience is important for Self Storage operators to differentiate themselves.
  • Mobile application uses beacons embedded in the keypad. When a customer approaches the gate or door and they have the application installed, the system will recognize the customer and automatically open the gate/door.
  • No need to take phone out of pocket/purse, unlock the phone, open an app and click on a button. This is required by competitor mobile options. By the time a customer has done this it would be easier to use the keypad.

Surge Tested to 20,000 Volts

The system has been sent an independent input testing lab to test for surge/lightning protection. The power inputs were tested to 20,000V at 10,000 Amps. The RS485 communications was tested to 16,000V at 380 Amps. The failure mode was the connector and not the circuit board. Great for facilities in the southeast or high lightning regions of the country.

INSOMNIAC CIA is also listed to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) specification UL 294 for access control equipment. Products that are listed to UL 294 meet or exceed the performance and safety requirements used to evaluate the construction, performance, and operation of access control systems. Many inspectors and insurance companies require UL listed equipment at facilities, and it is your assurance that all INSOMNIAC CIA components have undergone rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories to ensure safe and reliable operation.